About this Blog

Let’s face it.

Life is hard and it sucks sometimes. 

And sometimes it feels so lonely like no one understands what you’re going through.  I’ve been there.  Hardcore.  I’ve sat in my bedroom or on my couch bored to death of the Facebook news feed.  Especially reading about anyone else’s happy marriage, new baby that smiles and sleeps through the night, or perfect life.  Why them and not me?  I thought, I’m a good person.  I have my act together.  I love my family and my God.  Why is everything messed up in my life?

I used to write about everything that happened to me as it was happening to me.  I called it Improvised Life.  It began when my husband of 18 years walked out on me and my two teenage children.  I was a strong believer in Christ and never imagined divorce as an option.  I was forced to face it despite trying to save my marriage for almost two years.  I didn’t know who I was.  I had to figure it out.  Writing helped me sort through it all.

Lots of good things happened and lots of bad things happened along the way.  I’ll let you read about it yourself if you want.  But the end result was that along the journey I found something I had lost.  Hope.  I found good things in bad and bad in things I thought were good.  It was sometimes very confusing, scary, and extremely difficult.  But somehow I knew, even along the way, that it was all working together to make me a better person, a stronger Christian, and overall more content.

I learned a lot about the kind of person who was right for me after a series of mistakes.  I ended my last blog having just gotten married to a man I should never have considered an option.  We are as different in many ways as night is to day.  But as we got to know each other we found that we were more alike than we realized in surprising ways.  We became friends and then we fell in love.

No one is perfect.

I made so many mistakes.  Mistakes in my marriage, mistakes raising my kids.  Huge mistakes in who I trusted too.  Mistakes in expectations of people, places, and things and even ideas. I learned that life isn’t about getting what you want.  If you make it about that, you will be miserable.  But life happens and we have to improvise along the way because rarely does it ever go according to our plan.

Life is about so many things.  It’s about seeing imperfect people for who they are – flawed – but loving them through those flaws anyway.  And that’s true in all relationships from spouses, to family members, kids, coworkers, friends.  If you can be giving and forgiving to others, they will be in most cases forgiving to you too.  Life is about walking through doors of opportunity instead of hiding from them.

So…here I am.  Just wanting to encourage you to not give up. Whatever path God has you following look for the good lessons.  Don’t just try to get out from under your trials but instead go boldly straight through them with courage, honesty, and conviction.  It’s only then that you will get to a place of peace.

And let’s face it…

We all need a shoulder every now and then. 

We need encouragement.

I’m not sure where this blog will take us together.  My desire is that I will continue to write about things that resonate and make people feel less alone to give them HOPE.

It might take me a while to find my stride but I can’t imagine not writing.  So write I must.  I hope whatever I write about will help someone out there.

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