Tonight I’m meeting my husband and son for dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate my daughter’s promotion at work.  She’s moving up from hostess to server and tonight is her first night serving alone.  I want to be one of the first tables she serves.  I’m giddy.  She’s nauseous from being so nervous.  I know she’ll do great.

In a month she’ll wonder why she was so anxious.  That is how she operates though.  I remember her first days in college.  She’s got a couple semester left and it’s amazing how wise she’s become.  In all ways.

I cried when the ultrasound technician told me I was having a little girl.  I thought girls hated their moms.  But her and I have a very special bond.  I can’t imagine my life without her in it.  We talk everyday.  We go out all the time together, take walks together, and laugh a lot.  I know I’m her go-to person and very often she’s mine.  She’s definitely my closest and dearest girlfriend.  We share make up and clothes and food.  And we share excitement and heartache too.

I love her so much.

I spent some time this week reading my old blogs and many were about parenting.  I knew that as soon as they graduated high school things would change drastically and they did.  I was right.  But I wrote about things “ending”.  In a way they did…but not how I thought.

My relationship with my kids is now confidant and advisor.  My role as parent being my job are over.  But being a parent to adult children is sometimes extremely satisfying.  While I still feel responsible to them if they were ever in a time of need…I’m no longer responsible for them on a daily basis.  They clothe themselves, they feed themselves, and they pay me rent to live in a condo that I purchased to keep a roof over their heads while they became full-fledge adults.  And so far it’s working out beautifully.

Tonight is a milestone for this mom.  My daughter will open our bottle of wine and take our orders.  My son and his girlfriend will share a meal with us.  And then we’ll walk home to our loft in the city that we love.

Some days I worry about what will happen tomorrow or next year.  But tonight, I’m going to simply enjoy and relish where I am at in life.

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