Sweet Nothings

It’s a new year and time to reflect and to look forward.  It’s a marker.  For my Harry and I, it is even more special that it is also our anniversary.  And there are the big things that happened this year like the wedding, the move, the surgeries, that were notable.

The movie, Unbroken, is playing in theaters retelling the life of Louis Zamperini.  I had the privilege of hearing him speak once and marveled at the level of detail his brain remembered.  To be sure his life was notable.  And lots of amazing and terrible things happened to him that would not soon be forgotten.  Harry and I were reminiscing a bit and I said, “But most of our everyday life isn’t that BIG so we forget the details.”

The days that are sweet but nothing special are often forgotten.  I wish it weren’t so. Because they are what make life so sweet.

There was a day I spent hanging pictures on the walls, excited to see Harry. As soon as he got home, he followed me around the loft and admired my work, as interested as I had hoped.  He laid me down on the bed after and we talked about his mom, my dad, things we did growing up, and we laughed and kissed.  Just happy to be together.  Kissing led to more and then to the shower that is thankfully big enough for two.  He washed me, I washed him.  We kissed and let the water fall over our bodies.  We talked and sometimes we just stood holding each other in silence.  It was so loving, so effortless, so sweet.  But it was just a day.  Just love expressing itself the way only true love can.

On the morning after our anniversary Harry ran downstairs and got the bottle of champagne my sister gave us on our wedding and two beautiful crystal glasses.  We toasted to a year well-lived and the ones to come and then we decided to take Lucy for a walk on the beach.  We were the only ones there.  We walked, and talked and Lucy ran into the waves trying to bite them.  She was overwhelmed with excitement and it was so fun to watch.  It was the perfect morning followed by snacks and three great college football games.  Just me and Harry cozy on the couch.  Just another day, but so sweet.

I think that most of our normal days would be a dream come true for some people.  It is for me.  I can’t believe we have so many wonderful sweet nothing days.  The only danger is that it raises the bar.  But we keep wanting the best for each other and for some reason it keeps the cycle very positive and very good.

It’s not that every day is perfect.  Last night I was frustrated and feeling lonely.  I snapped at him and he didn’t deserve it.  He is working so hard.  Everyday.  It’s only when I start thinking selfishly that I let him down and I hate it when I do.  But most of the time we are each looking out for the other and as much as two people can…we love by lifting each other up.

SO to all of you who have sweet nothing days like me…perhaps you can do what I’m going to do this year so you will never forget them.  I have a stack of index cards on my kitchen counter and each day that something sweet happens I’m going to write it down with the date and put it in the jar.  Next year on New Year’s Day, I will pour out the cards and read them to remember.  And all of those nothings will add up to something wonderful.


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