All I Need

I had friends who lived in a trailer for two years while they renovated their home.  I marveled at their ability to live in such cramped space with so little of life’s comforts, but they said simply, “You get used to it.”

I think of Paris Hilton and the like.  The Housewives of various cities with their drama, plastic surgery and stuff.  I wonder what drives them.  Is it greed, fame, or power?  Do they want those things out of insecurity or covetousness?  I can only wonder.

I’ve never wanted to be famous.  I like being anonymous most of the time.  I’ve never been one to have a wide circle of friends either.  I have simple needs.

I want a man who loves me, friends and family who care about each other, and I want something to look forward to.

Yesterday I had surgery.  They cuffed my calves to prevent blood clots, They stuck me twice trying to get an IV started.  I kissed my husband goodbye as they wheeled me away into the operating room where the nurses and anesthesiologist joked about the music playing.  It was the BeeGees.  I said, “I like the BeeGess…”  Those were my last words.

I woke up from a dream with tears in my eyes and pain in groin.  They said, “Don’t cry you’re okay.”  and I said, “Can I see my husband?”  I had to wait nearly an hour but eventually he walked in the room and I knew everything was going to be okay.

Earlier that morning he woke me up with a hug.  He always gets up early to work downstairs in his office.  After some kisses and a hug he said, “My truck was stolen this morning.  I heard them start the engine and I thought, what the heck?  I started dialing 911 and opened the garage door to hear the truck shrieking away.  I never even saw it.  The cops said we might find it but it was probably punks.”

Here I was thinking about what a big day it was going to be having surgery and I almost couldn’t comprehend what he was telling me.  I just looked in his eyes confused.  He said, “It just keeps coming.” and he sighed.

After the surgery I settled into my very own bed and slept most of the day.  Harry bought Chipotle for dinner and we ate it upstairs in bed watching TV.  We were quiet. I crawled over to him to give him a hug and said, “You know what’s so amazing?  You got your truck stolen and I had surgery…”  and he finished my sentence with, “…and we’re still smiling.”  And I smiled and kissed him.

A while later as he was getting sleepy he leaned into my ear and said, “You’re my best friend.”

He is all I need.  He is truly all I need.  Days like this show me very clearly.  There can be chaos around us and catastrophe looming and I will be okay if he is by my side.

It’s good to know.  He is my priority.  He is what is important in life.  Not stuff, not stature, or money, fame, or even comforts.  I am happy just having a partner to get through it all with.  Whatever that may be.

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