Finding Strength

A Wife Is a Cheerleader

I hated cheerleaders in high school.  I thought they were all empty-headed pretty girls.  But they play a necessary role.  Every man who is fighting at the trenches needs someone who is whole-hardheartedly rooting for him.  So I’ve decided that it’s okay, this once to be my husband’s cheerleader.  He needs it.  He’s worked so hard and he has hard decisions to make.  And I love him…

We didn’t have a great night tonight.  It was kind of tough.  But after he fell asleep this is what I wrote to him.

I’m good in the trenches.  No, I’m great.  I will fight with you when you need me to fight…for us, for our dream, for our love.  That’s why you picked me as a partner.  You will never know someone who has more enthusiasm or who understands what it takes to win more than me.

You are my king Harry.  The man I’ve chosen to lift up, support, and get behind.  Because you are the most capable, smartest, most creative, and most intelligent person I have ever known.  You are amazing.  Seriously I’m amazed at how wonderful you are.

And you are also flawed.  Because you have such gifts that have taken you so far, when you are frightened for the future, or when you are uncertain about your path…you wonder how you will make it through.  That is when you need to have faith and know that the skills you’ve been given are a gift from someone who is far more capable and can see beyond what we can.  And you need to trust that even though you can’t see clearly where you should go…you will get to where you need to be.

I have that trust, I have that faith.  And we will get there.

And when we do, it will be sweeter knowing that it wasn’t a vapid victory…but one divinely appointed so that we could be a light to the people around us.  The victory we desire is only a piece of the blessings that will come.  We can’t see now the grandchildren who will look to you and say “Grandpa HUG…” We can’t see now when our son and daughter will be in their mid-twenties or thirties and come to us with a problem that because of what we are going through today, we’ll be able to give them wisdom and help them through tomorrow.  We can’t see all the little wonders that will come because we had struggles, and yet didn’t give up.  But God sees it all and already knows what will become of us.  So I trust Him to show me the way I should go…with every word I speak, and everything I do.

We like to tell each other that “I’ve got your back.”  Well, it’s very true.  We do have each others back.  God often sends people to do His work and I will honor you and God in everything I do for us so that the glory will be His.

And I promise you, my husband, my Harry…that no matter how long it takes I will keep pointing you to the forgiveness of the cross, the redemption of the resurrection, and the hope of heaven.  Because God is a God of hope and not of condemnation.

I love you with all my heart and mind, and soul as I love the one who saved me.

I pray that today you will have peace in your heart.  Clarity of mind and purpose.  Wisdom and discernment regarding the decisions that you need to make.  I pray that you will talk and say what needs to be said to work it out in your own mind with me or a trusted friend who will give you wise advice.  I pray that you will have the assurance that no matter what happens, we will be okay.

I love you I love you I love you I love you.  A thousand times, a million times…I love you.

read it again…read it thirty times.  Don’t just gloss over it.  READ IT.

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